About EM-Journal

Effective July 2014, we have (temporarily?) discontinued the journal. 

EM—Journal is a flexibly refereed online journal featuring writing produced by students of Eastern Michigan University. The journal showcases a variety of documents (articles, essays, reports, etc.) written and designed by students enrolled in EMU's First-year Writing Program, in selected Writing Intensive (WI) courses affiliated with the Writing Across the Curriculum Program, and in upper- and lower-division undergraduate courses in the Written Communication Major and Writing Minor. 

EMJournal's Purposes

  1. EMJournal offers students a supportive, personalized experience with refereed publishing processes.
  2. EMJournal places student-authored texts into public, search engine-indexed circulation and in such a way that reflects the interrelationship among our respective programs.
  3. EMJournal selectively showcases for all interested constituencies and audiences the writing produced throughout the FYWP, WAC, the Written Communication Major, and the Writing Minor.
  4. EMJournal will establish an archive of writing understood to be public, and, as such, available for reference in other courses and related instructional contexts.
  5. EMJournal complements ongoing, program-wide assessment efforts insofar as it may aid faculty in articulating program priorities, strengths, and values.
  6. Over time, EMJournal may be incorporated more fully into the Written Communication curriculum in additional ways, such as to discuss/frame/study technical infrastructure or editing processes, to redesign interfaces (e.g., students develop new layouts periodically), or to expand it as a venue for student-designed promotions of courses, student groups, campus activities, or for displaying local PSAs or advertisements.


The "em" may seem at first to refer to "Eastern Michigan." But the journal's "em" actually refers to the em-dash, so named because it is wider than its counterpart en-dash. Furthermore, the em-dash functions as a stylistic device suited to emphasis or interruption. An em-dash signals a purposeful digression or an irresistible shift in thought. Thus, the punctuation mark suggests one of the logics valued within the journal. For us, the em-width character also calls to mind an abstract parallel with Michigan-wide, or the statewide purview writing produced by students at regional campuses, like EMU, ought to realize.

Publication schedule

As currently planned, EMJournal will release two scheduled issues per year. An inaugural issue focused on projects produced in ENGL328: Writing, Style, and Technology was released in August 2011. A second issue came out in December 2011.  And the last two issues for Volume 1 appeared in March and April 2012. Our standard biannual cycle assumes an ongoing coordination with the First-year Writing Program and Writing Across the Curriculum: one issue will feature writing from ENGL120 and/or ENGL121, and the other issue will feature writing from a WI course (or, alternatively, an open call from all WI courses). Up to two additional issues may be proposed and organized by sponsoring programs, specifically including WAC Fellows and emerging academic programs (e.g., new and interdisciplinary minors).

Sunset Provision

EMJournal will operate for an initial trial period of three years after which the advisory board will discuss its design, continuation, forms of support, and possibilities for reformulation. That is, the journal must continue to serve the purposes outlined above even while it adapts to unforeseeable contingencies, including its voluntarily supported infrastructure and operations.