3.2 First-year Writing Open Issue

3.2 First-year Writing Open Issue (July 2014)

In rhetoric, invention refers to the process of creating or making meaning: moving toward something new by (re)considering, (re)thinking, or (re)envisioning the material at hand. Traditionally, invention is about a search, or a quest, for arguments. These three pieces selected for Issue 3.2, written by students in EMU's First-year Writing Program, share this endeavor: each essay presents an argument discovered through the process of questioning: reading the familiar with greater attention to detail, seeking substance beyond our first impressions.

In "The Literacy of My Life… So Far," we are introduced to the author's understanding of literacy told through a series of life snapshots. Our second literacy narrative, "Progression to Literacy," highlights literacy sponsorship through spaces that offer potential, like the author’s journal and a series of assignments that he felt personally invested in. Lastly, "The Givers" is an ethnographic account that studies the significance of the relationship between dentists and their patients at one particular practice, driven by the author’s individual passion for the field of dentistry. (Photo credit)