EM—Journal: 2.1 Snapshots

2.1 Snapshots (August 2012)

Snapshot: a quick, lasting glimpse of some scene, activity, or event. We have adopted snapshots as the controlling metaphor, or theme, for Issue 2.1, the first issue of EM-Journal's second year, because each of the five pieces featured captures a momentary perspective, question, or thread of inquiry held by the writer. The issue features writing from ENGL121: Researching the Public Experience, a General Education course taken by first-year students who will soon identify with a great range of academic disciplines across Eastern Michigan's dynamic campus. Generally, projects in ENGL121 adopt research methods ranging from ethnography, which includes site or group observation, recording field notes, developing nuanced descriptions, and at times conducting interviews, to more traditional source-based studies, which includes collecting, reading, annotating, and citing textual resources, such as books and articles. (Photo credit)