EM—Journal: 1.3 Women and Gender in Writing

1.3 Women and Gender in Writing (March 2012)

This special issue explores the uses of women's studies, gender, and feminist thought in a select few courses offered across the curriculum. The five pieces featured come from classes in Women and Gender Studies, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Literature. The issue foregrounds matters of gender identity, "becoming" a woman, the ramifications of patriarchy and societal oppression, women's literary history, and a personal narrative as a means of thinking about relationships and self-worth. This issue offers readers a glimpse of the complexity and value in cross-disciplinary approaches to Women and Gender Studies. Issue 1.3 is released in conjunction with Women's History Month. Supported in part by a fellowship from the Honors College, the issue celebrates the substantive contributions of emerging writers and thinkers to women's history. (Photo credit)