EM—Journal: 1.1 Elements

1.1 Elements (August 2011)

Somewhere between Will Strunk's stern maxims for good writing and today's pop culture "texts" surfaces a call for parody. In 1987, San Francisco-based artist and writer Derek Pell heeded an inventive opportunity like this with The Marquis de Sade's Elements of Style, a playfully subversive fusion of Strunk and White's "little book" and Sade's depictions of his startlingly lascivious lifestyle. The Elements of Style remakes collected in the first issue of Em—Journal follow from Pell's unforgettable experiment. These remakes adapt selected Strunk and White elements, principles, and rules, and in doing so they cleverly push us to understand as flexible and shifting the edge where stylistic conventions abut pop culture texts. (Photo credit)